Friday, October 14, 2016

Bad Breath got you down? Here's how to prevail.


 Definition:Foul-smelling breath,caused as a result of the breakdown process of food in the body.Especially the mouth.
Other culprits include;

  •  poor dental hygiene
  • dry mouth
  • diseases
  • mouth infections
  • regular tobacco use 
  • severe dieting.

 Causes: Most bad breath starts in your mouth, and there are many possible causes that include: Food particles from stinky foods like garlic and onions Smoking Respiratory Infections Acid Reflux Poor Oral Hygiene

 Effective Basic Remedies For Bad Breath

Regular dentist visits and proper oral hygiene are critical for a healthy mouth. But there are other things you can do to help fight off bad breath and halitosis. Home remedies for bad breath can make

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Kim Kardashian traumatized after robbery

Kim Kardashian is " emotionally damaged right now " after her horrifying attack, a source said.
In the early hours of Monday morning, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star was robbed at gunpoint in Paris. While Kim was physically unharmed during the robbery, it's going to take time to get over.
A source adds, "This is something that has the potential to screw anyone up for a very long time. It was incredibly frightening and it's going to take a while to get over it."
Kim left Paris via a private plane on Monday and landed at Teterboro airport in New Jersey, where she was reunited with her husband Kanye West. The pair then headed to their NYC apartment. Kanye has since rescheduled two of his upcoming Saint Pablo Tour dates to be with Kim during this time.She blames all on herself and says she doesn't want kanye replace the stolen $4million ring.

Kim Kardashian After-Robbery

Kim Kardashian was reportedly known to have been followed by men pretending to be paparazzi hours before she was robbed at gunpoint, according to the Daily Mail. The site reports that an unidentified man was tailgating the reality star as she left a fitting with Kanye West and Kourtney Kardashian on Sunday. The same man was later spotted outside her apartment, and also at a restaurant she dined at. The site described the men as "Caucasian" and "North African," and reported that they "posed as a plain-clothed detective and as a photographer."
   A Paris police source said that

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Samsung sued

Man sues Samsung, saying Note 7 exploded in his pants

 The news was going to blow up this way sooner or later.After news emerged that Samsung had received 92 reports in the US about the battery in its Galaxy Note 7 phone overheating -- including 26 cases involving burns -- it seemed only time before someone would contact a lawyer.Now, Reuters reports, 28-year-old Jonathan Strobel of Boca Raton, Florida, has filed what may be the first lawsuit in the US involving the Note 7's combustible battery.Strobel's suit, filed Friday, says his Note 7 exploded in his front pants pocket on September 9. This allegedly happened in a Costco in Palm Beach Gardens, where Strobel works."His right thigh has a deep second-degree burn the size of the phone," Keith Pierro, Strobel's lawyer, told me, adding that Strobel's left hand was also burnt. (He apparently reached for his overheating phone with his opposite hand.)The Palm Beach Post reported that Palm Beach Gardens Fire Rescue described the phone as having melted inside Strobel's pants.The complaint says
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